Company Profile

SLIC Design is an Ontario, Canada based web design and development company. Our knowledgeable team have been developing websites pretty much since the world wide web (Internet) was popularized back in the early 90`s. We specialize in developing professional, customized webpages from the ground up without the messy cumbersome templates provided by many third party website design tools. The results is a clean and affective site directly targeting your needs. Our design and development team work deligiently to ensure your website requirements are met and beyond your expectations.

We at SLIC Design believe in the strength and versitility provided by the LAMP (Linux/Unix, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Perl) grouping of software tools. These reputable tools have gained a strong foothold in the web development and hosting world due to the many benefits these tools provide. However, we don't shank the strengths of other platforms and tools such as Microsoft IIS and ASP.NET.

The SLIC Design team are well versed in gathering client requirements, designing based on the clients needs and business area, and developing a well rounded solution. We make sure our clients are involved every step of the way, eliviating any possibility of disappointment. Our prices are reasonable and affordable. We want your business and your satisfaction before your money.

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